Domestic Violence



In r/K selection theory, r-selected species produce many offspring, each of which is unlikely to survive to adulthood, while K-selected species invest more heavily in fewer offspring, each of which has a better chance of surviving to adulthood. J. Philippe Rushton applies this theory to different human races. Male-on-female domestic violence would be related to the likelihood of cuckoldry, which is higher in an r-selected race. Female-on-male domestic violence would be related to the importance of resources provided by the male, which is higher in a K-selected race.


  1. Men are naturally much more violent than women.
  2. Men have far greater upper body strength.
  3. Given the sex difference regarding what provokes jealousy one would expect greater male-on-female violence.
  4. The above considered, when it comes to domestic violence in Western cultures, men are surprisingly restrained and women are surprisingly violent.


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